Missing Post

In order to establish some consistency with this, and to keep me accountable, I am going to make Tuesday my regular day for posting. Unfortunately, editing of today’s post has not been completed as I spent the bulk of the day with my son at the doctor’s office. Please accept my apologies. I should have the post up sometime tomorrow.


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Are We Too Connected?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about connecting, belonging, community, fellowship, and other things of the sort. This has been on my mind a lot recently, but even more so in the last 3 weeks. I subscribe to the weekly TED newsletter, and earlier this month, the email was titled “Connected, but Alone.” The video hit on so many things that have been stirring in my heart recently. Our society has become increasingly connected. This should be a good thing, fostering real connections and conversations, allowing us to have more meaningful interactions outside of our normal everyday routines. Instead, the effect has been quite the opposite. We have fewer close, real relationships. When things begin to get uncomfortable, we retreat into our phones or iPads instead of turning to those around us to support us. We post vague statuses that let everyone know something might be up, but that we don’t want to really deal with it. I coach a men’s competitive softball team that doubles as a small group within my church. We pushed past the uncomfortable to be real. It wasn’t easy, but if you ask the guys on my team what their favorite part of Thursday night softball is, many of them will tell you it isn’t the game itself, but the time spent afterwards as men, supporting each other through our struggles and victories. We took the time to get real. Every week now, at least one person vocalizes how thankful they are to have a group of men who aren’t afraid to be men. My wife often comments on how awesome she thinks it is. It’s unfortunate how unique my team is. Men used to talk. They used to be real. It seems technology has gotten in the way…

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